Friday, February 10, 2012

Goals: Keeping Up.

I love having a blog.  It gives me a creative outlet, encourages me to try new recipes, and gives me an awesome subject to practice photographing (food!!).  Considering I have a 6-month old baby and a 5-year old crazy child, I think I've done a relatively good job at posting semi-regularly... but I would love for this to become more routine.  I'm a creature of habit, and if I'm not used to doing something regularly, it generally gets forgotten about eventually.  Since people (what people? I dunno...) always say that you are more likely to stick to a goal if you write it down - here goes.  A little challenge for myself, because if I actually tell you my plan, I might hear your little voice whispering in my head, Go blog! You said you would!  

So here's the general plan:

  • I'm starting out with a simple 3 day/week goal.
  • Tuesday Treats - blogging about some kind of sweet and tasty treat that I've made and need to share with you.
  • Thursday Things - posting about my favorite finds of the week... things that have been inspiring me on other people's blogs and pinterest.
  • Savory Saturday - recipes and photos for something, um... savory. Did you not read the title? Y'know, like appetizers, main dishes, or lunch box yums.

I can totally do this.

So, come Saturday, I expect you all to pop back over here to check up on me.  I have a deeeelicious recipe for black bean and potato enchiladas coming your way!

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