Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Things

Oooo! My very first "Thursday Things" post!  I follow a handful of bloggers who have a similar weekly post, and I always look forward to reading them.  They are always full of fun ideas, things that I want to (and shouldn't) buy, and inspiration for projects.  

Things that I'm loving this week:

Being that this is the week of all things pink, red, and covered in hearts - I had to put this on my list! I mean, seriously! How darn adorable is that? Cupcakes are great.  Cupcakes in a jar?  Ah-MAY-zing!  Will you make me one? Please?

Oh my heavens, this stuff is fabulous. I knew at first glance that I had to make it, and yesterday I finally did. My hands have never been smoother! It is super easy to throw together (I'll be posting a how-to in the next week or please click the link to the original "recipe") and smells delicious. A perfect hostess gift... or you can indulge yourself and keep it for YOU!

Pink. Pretty. Mint. Raspberries. What more could you ask for? What? A shot of rum? Well... okay! But only because you insisted.

What are you loving this week?

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