Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Bucket List

My little sister just finished a visit to my new hometown last week.  While she really came to meet her new nephew, I managed to sneak in lots of sister-time.  She shared her huge list of favorite cooking/baking blogs and we talked about her "bucket list".  Now, this wasn't a traditional places-to-go-things-to-do-people-to-see-before-you-die list... this was a things-to-eat/bake/cook list.  Definitely our kind of list!  How have I never thought of starting one?  I'm a list-maker by nature - my chores are all sorted on lists, I have a mile-long list of restaurants I want to eat at, and I definitely have a fabulous amazon.com wishlist (in case anyone ever wants to buy me a present!).  This is a list I must make.

1. Make jam.  Maybe like this delicious-looking Peach Vanilla Bean Jam from Annie's Eats.  It looks so fabulous, but I'm super intimidated by the canning process.

2. Make bread.  From scratch. With yeast.  I'm fabulous with quick breads, but those yeast breads make me nervous!

3. Paella.  Not a short-cut quick version... but a complex, fully-developed flavor paella is the only one that counts for the bucket list!

4. Bake a cake - from SCRATCH.  You are disappointed in me, aren't you?  I am the queen of dressing up a boxed cake mix into something delectable, but I've never even attempted a from-scratch cake.  How embarrassing.  This must be rectified.

HEY! If I make bread and jam, not only will I have a totally delicious snack, but I'll be able to cross the first two items off my Baker's Bucket List.  Perfect!  Now, if only I could get myself off the couch...

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  1. Making bread from scratch is not that hard, I promise! I've been using this recipe for years (http://erincooks.com/almost-no-knead-bread/) and it's fantastic. I can't find the original recipe, which I have in a word doc somewhere on my computer. Try it!