Monday, September 5, 2011


I have  4 lbs of ripe, juicy peaches sitting on my kitchen counter, just awaiting jam making tomorrow.  You're excited, aren't you?  I knew you would be.  Come on back soon, and see how it turns out... other cooking news, I made a totally mediocre batch of cardboard flavored healthy pumpkin breakfast muffins.  Pretty sure I won't bore you with a post about it, even though I took pictures and everything.  Chris liked them, but that isn't really saying much.  Way too healthy tasting for me.  Luckily, I had the presence of mind to douse them in a pumpkin maple glaze, which made them slightly better.  Still, not worth your time.  Hopefully tomorrow morning's Baked Oatmeal will yield a better result.  One can only hope.  Otherwise I'll be one hungry momma.

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